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create libsmi (around version 0.3.0) from the sources with VC++ v6.0

A little helper to build libsmi for a win32 platform.

There are some files needed, which are usually created by running configure and by running flex and bison at compile time.
If you have platform handy to do so, basically all you have to do is:

cd lib
make errormacros.h parser-smi.c parser-sming.c scanner-smi.c scanner-sming.c smi.h

As a little help, these files created on a linux platform, are collected together in and may help to build libsmi without lots of extra stuff.
The files are placed in the win directory and copied to the lib directory, if not present. To distinguish them their names have a -vc appended.
Additionally a regex.h file is created to work around the missing regex library in tools/dump-scli.c. The header simply has some defines to satisfy the compiler.

So what can i do ?

fetch the libsmi cvs archive or unzip .

this creates the libsmi/... source hierarchie.
unzip .

this creates some new files in libsmi/win/... and replaces the makefile and the
cd to the libsmi/win folder, adjust the TOOLS32 path in the makefile and run nmake install.

this should make and install the libsmi stuff to c:\smi\...

What to do if this failes ? *Shrug* - you may like to fetch a binary archive instead; extract it to c:\smi.

Have fun.

Tue Dec 25 21:48:44 MET 2001