A lucky ducki meets the joule thief:

The next DIY project is: joule thief - squeeze some more energy out of used batteries.

Google links and pics about the joule thief: joule thief   <= click me harder! click me quick!

First some parts disassambled from a LED light (this one i think),
the LED and the magentic clips, nice to contact the battery.

A ferrit-ring cut from a mainboard and wired with some loops
and a 3904 signal npn transistor from the usual beam parts are quickly are put together:

And if its right,
there is a light!

Now the question of the questions: which duck will be the lucky one ?
Only one duck will have the luck - only one can be the first one!

Yes, this ducky is the winner: Cute, smart and well prepared!

But now ducky will meet the joule thief.
Ripped off, stuffed and knitted - hmm, sounds like being cooked...

Here the operation:

Stay tough! And relax, we are professionals ;)

Well done! Anything is fine.

New rebirthed: The tough duck, the first one putting a light into the ducky universe! Sure, there is a light!

Great! Now this lucky ducky sucks remaining energy out of old batteries
and spends a light on the duckyverse!

Here it is, the Lucky Ducki:

Well, only one thing to say at last:

Just follow the light - da' duck is always right ;-)

Have fun building your own joule thief!

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Tue Jul 21 21:45:54 CEST 2009