welcome to the npiet pages, related to the piet programming language:

``a language where the programs are works of modern art''.

Piet is really esoteric, because the program is a picture.

In this stack oriented language the color areas represent numbers and changes in the color decide what to do - eg. push the number on the stack and the next color change may command: print it to the terminal.

npiet is an interpreter for piet programs and takes as input a portable pixmap (a ppm file) and since v0.3a png and gif files too - other formats may follow.

  • latest complete source code of npiet, npietedit and npiet-foogol (and manpages, examples and tests) npiet-1.3f.tar.gz
    [ Please have a look at the ChangeLog ].

    White Codel processing changed from npiet version 1.0 to 1.1 and now to v1.2 again hopefully with better tracing support. The backward compatibility parameter -v1 is gone, if you want an old version you may choose one of the old versions.

  • the npiet C source: npiet-1.3f.c (v1.3f)
  • the npiet manual-page: npiet(1)
  • windows executable: npiet-1.3a-win32.zip (old version) (hopefully now statically linked and no other dll's necessary than the included cygwin1.dll)
Hint: If you get an error running npiet on your downloaded gif image about an unknown gif format -- just open it with gimp or another paint program and save it as ppm or png image -- and try again!  Have fun!

npietedit is a editor to create small piet programs. it's really helpful to get in touch with the piet programming language.

npiet-foogol is a translator from the foogol programming language to the piet programming language. It is far from complete, but as a start a Hello World is correctly translated.

And don't miss the picture gallery - where the Art-Of-Programming needs a color printer ;-)

See also:

- the Piet programming language
- links related to Piet Mondrian
- the Piet::Interpreter of Marc Majcher
- the foogol programming language (there is a link to the cfoogol posting too).

a npiet 'hi' program
This program prints Hi
- look here for a trace of the run.


npiet online

- run a piet program right now !

have fun!

Fri Apr 10 18:41:21 CEST 2020