Welcome to some little light and magic

The internet is full of nice stuff, including this pummer pdf (orig link via oreilly)

a quite simple ``light soaking at daylight, blinking at night time'' device.

very nice is that the blinking is more a flash followed by a dimmed lighting before switching off.

some devices standing together seem to communicate together when the daytime fades.

and it's easily put together:

circuit the circuit from the makezine article.

about the sn74hc240 logic chip here in duty.

here the both pummers built first
(guess, which one is bert ;)
both pummers
dual pummer
and here a dual LED version. i really like the look with the rusty 3.5" adapter:
dual pummer
dual pummer another nice one simply glued to a bent i/o shield.

Some links about pummers:

• many sources at Google images
• to the beam wiki (www.beam-wiki.org)

Have fun, blink blink...

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Wed Jul 8 16:09:51 CEST 2009