Greetings from Brunswick !

A little cycling at the end of a day is always nice. But combined with some ``little'' greetings - perfect!

Some great fun including:

Distance: 14,85 km
Duration: 00:48:12
Speed avg: 18.5 km/h

A cell phone with GPS tracker is a big supply of sensless fun !

The original tracking data for google earth (and gpx compatible format data):
W20090831190244.kml (or GPX format: W20090831190244.gpx).

Here some easy clicki pics from google earth:

veeery small: small (click me for full size)
a little laaarger: larger (click me for full size)
haaardcore large: big (click me for full size)
A man with a plan ? umm, well, near miss ;-)

However, the pocket at the handlebar is for the handy (nokia 5800) to have better GPS tracking, better at least than carring it at the hip or inside the backback

Anyway, not that bad at all!

plan (click me for full size)

so, famoust last words:

Have fun!   -   (I had ;-)

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Sat Oct 3 19:21:17 CEST 2009